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New Testament +

New Testament +

NT+ is a 6-day-a-week revolutionary way to read through the New Testament. Instead of reading straight through the New Testament, the NT+ plan is strategically divided into reading based on authorship. For example, all of John’s, Luke’s and Peter’s writings are together, while Paul’s writings are divided equally over each quarter.

Five days a week, you’ll read one chapter in the New Testament. On the sixth day, you’ll read a chapter in the Old Testament that was referenced in the New Testament reading that week to give you context for its New Testament emphasis.


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Have you ever been confused by what you are reading in the Bible? Let our OWNit365 Guides be a resource for you! We have two guides available for each plan. Our Experience Guides help you know what to look for in the reading, and give you tips on the background and context. Our Let's Talk Guides are built to help facilitate spiritual discussion within families centered around the readings.